The Bengal Breed

The Bengal Cat is one of the most fascinating cats available in the domestic world today. This domestic cat is medium to large domestic and it originated from crossing the Asian Leopard Cat to the domestic cat in an attempt to create a companion with the extraordinary look of the wild with the temperament of a domestic cat.
The first Bengal Cat was registered in 1983 with the International Cat Association.

the bengal breed

The first three generations resulting from the Asian Leopard cat/Bengal cross are considered as early generation Bengal cats. F1 means they are first generation, F2 the second, and F3 the third generation. Females born of these first generations are fertile, however, the males are sterile. These generations still make good family pets, but they need a lot of dedication.
Domestic Bengal cats are considered to be 4 generations (or more) away from their Asian Leopard Cat heritage. They are registered with the TICA and referred to as SBT Bengals. Both male and females born of these generations are fertile.

Their physique is strong and they are very agile cats. The back legs are slightly longer than the front ones, and their heads should be quite small in comparison to the rest of their body.

There are many colour variations of the coat, but the three breed accepted colours are brown, silver and snow. The coat can be spotted and marbled in pattern. Their coats are extremely soft and shiny, and they do not shed a lot. 

Bengals are fantastic family cats! They are fun, intelligent, curious and active. They love water and might even pop in for a shower with you! Our clients often come back to us, saying how amazing this breed is after having owned other breeds. Besides that they are simply lovely to look at, they bring pure joy into everyones home, providing they have been well socialised as kittens!

Our Bengals are alert, affectionate and intelligent. Priority is given to health, temperament and happiness, in addition to outstanding pattern.